Stacey Gray Person,

How it started:
Stacey Gray Person, is born and raised in Amsterdam. Over the past few years he has developed himself as an overall artist. When he was younger his cousin took him to the studio a few times and this is what made him interested in music in general and specifically in singing and working in the studio.

Hard work pays off:
After a few years of hard work, he now owns a studio in Amsterdam. In this studio he produces all kinds and genres of music. Also he is becoming a talented writer and he writes songs for both other artists as for his own use. Besides writing and making music the past two years Stacey Gray has focused on his DJ career, his style can best be described as ''Eclectic''. Because of the many years he is already professionally in the party scene he knows exactly how to please a crowd and get the party started!
What else he did:
Also he works a lot with young talents in the studio. In 2010 Stacey Gray started the R&B group called ''LoveTown''. Stacey took place as one of the singers in this group and all together they recorded several songs. After some time Stacey decided it was time to focus on his solo career. Recently Stacey Gray has switched to Dance/House and pop music because there are a lot more opportunities for him in these genres. If he looks familiar to you, that may be just right because he has had several TV appearances throughout the years. For example he was on the TV show ''Thuis voor de Buis'' at RTL 4.

Going global:
With outstanding international showcases in Reykjavic Iceland, Toronto Canada and Hurghada Egypt Stacey Gray is a force to recognize. Performing in and outside of Europe is one of the many activities of this artistical individual.

Enjoying dance music and already landing vocals on 4 big tracks 'Baby is Nice', 'Like  You' 'Pal Verano' and ''Lobi'' Stacey Gray is also known for his vocalistic qualities.

Side activities:
Besides his music Stacey Gray is also directing and producing video clips. For example he shot the clip Bonnie & Clyde from the Dutch artist Gio. In the last year Stacey Gray has also focused on his acting career. He has had several supporting roles in a variety of Dutch movies and series.

What he's all about now:

Stacey's focus at this point is completely at his DJ career. This will also be where his main priority will stay for the coming years. It will be very difficult to put this man in a corner because his style can best be described as ''Eclectic''. What he's known for and by what you can recognize him? His smooth transitions, natural crowd pleasing skills and the hottest bangers. All of these ingredients together make him the right DJ to turn a night into an unforgettable success.


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